STAR stocks then regist压博娱乐是黑平台吗夜网d robust gains despi

ite the weak performance of the main board. The gain momentum

was broken in the third trading week, when prices of STAR stocks fell by 10.5 perce压博娱乐是黑平台吗夜网女神会所

nt on average, according to financial information provide Wind Info.

压博娱乐是黑平台吗夜网On Thursday, prices of STAR stocks fell by 1.9 percent on average.

“The overall performance of the STAR Market saw the full pricing-in of opinions from bulls and

bears, an uptrend with fluctuations, and a return to rationality,” the SSE said in the announcement.压博娱乐是黑平台吗夜网女神会所

Relaxed price fluctuation limits have enabled the STAR Mark

压博娱乐是黑平台吗夜网et stocks to be more timely priced, leading to higher pr

icing efficiency than the main board, according to analysts from Shenwan Hongyuan Securities.

Securities regulators lifted price fluctuation limits for STAR stocks in their first five trading days, and thereafter a 20 p压博娱乐是黑平台吗夜网

ercent daily price fluctuation limit is effective, versus a 10 percent limit on the main board.

压博娱乐是黑平台吗夜网女神会所Analysts expect trading on the STAR Market to become more rational in the medium term, with

valuation levels to better reflect company fundamentals. Firms with strong fundamentals may su

stain high valuations, while weaker ones may see a marked divergence in stock price performance.压博娱乐是黑平台吗夜网

The market-oriented initial public offering mechanism of the STAR Market,

or the registration-based IPO system, also showed its effect, with the 28 STAR list压博娱乐是黑平台吗夜网女神会所

ings’ price-to-earnings ratios of offer price varying from 18 to 269, according to SSE data.

This marked a difference from the main board, where almost all new offerings are p压博娱乐是黑平台吗夜网

riced at a maximum of 23 times earnings under the approval-based IPO system.